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Relaxation massage in the center of Prague

works immediately not only on the physical but also on the mental state of the massaged person. Removes fatigue, slackness, stiffness, shortening and pain in the muscles. Relaxing massage is made with more thicker and harder masses that release loose fatigue (lactic acid) in the muscles, it releases skin tension, blood circulation and muscle, improves edema and swelling and, last but not least, improves tissue nutrition and relieves pain.

Relaxing massage helps relieve stress and relax in a constant, fast-paced lifetime. It is suitable for all diseases of the locomotor system, post-traumatic conditions or convalescence.

The masseur can adapt to your wishes, or let it all, relax and enjoy yourself.

How to order a massage:

  • simply choose from our massage menu
  • choose the date and time that suits you
  • add to cart-pay comfortably online
  • you will receive a voucher for your purchased massage (do not print the voucher, just have it in your mobile)

 The purchased massage can be re-ordered if necessary.

Massage can be purchased at least 24 hours before the date of the massage. If you wish to have a massage earlier, please contact us by email or pnone (we speak English).

Gift voucher for a relaxing massage

You can buy a gift voucher for a relaxing massage on the right and print it. If you wish, we will be happy to exchange it for a gift voucher with an envelope at the reception.


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