Manual face lifting

Manual face lifting is a new manual method of face smoothing. You will love this very pleasant and fragrant massage which gives an instantly visible effect.

How Does the Manual Face Lifting Work

This massage focuses on mimetic facial muscles with and overall deep and detoxifying effect. This technique acts directly on wrinkles and contributes to better nourishment of the skin and the muscles themselves. We can not stop the natural process of aging, but thanks to this systematic massage we can at least slow down the process to achieve a younger and more satisfying appearance.

Positive Effects of the Manual Face Lifting

  • Releases all stiff facial muscles and tissues
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Improves the skin's color and deepens the breathing
  • There is a faster drainage of waste materials
  • Accelerates metabolism and decreases the appearnce of subcutaneous fat
  • Beautifully tones the skin
  • Inspires feelings of well-being and harmony

Duration of the Manual Face Lifting

The Manual Face Lifting lasts 30 minutes.

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