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Great place to relax. I recommend visiting the sauna !!


Thank you, even though we came up with an apology a lot later, the lady welcomed us at the reception and enjoyed everything. Next time, however, we know that one hour of the private sauna is not enough :)


I recommend Adel, the best massage I've ever had!


I don't have time to deal with food, so I ordered boxes. I chose a weight loss option. I must admit that the boxes are colorful, tasty and nutritious. I am not hungry and losing 1kg of fat every week, even though I am just takeing boxed meal over a week. Great satisfaction, I recommend. (Translated by Google Translator)


Great idea! Our assistant picks up our boxes every morning. When we arrive at work, breakfast, snack and lunch are already prepared in the fridge. Everything is in ecological packaging, so we save the environment .. And you can apply meal vouchers that suits us very much. (Translated by Google Translator)


I've tried all sorts of diets, but if I lost weight, it was time. I have always returned the hardly lost pounds back. Aniko explained to me that it was because I ate little and dull. This boxing diet contains enough food and all nutrients, I feel great and I'm very happy with the results. I lost 9kg, found a new friend and a great job. I recommend! (Translated by Google Translator)


Excellent food, absolutely perfect taste.


I chose fitness boxes because I like the composition of meals and the distribution of macros during the day.


Great, imaginative, varied and I enjoy it. After a week I felt a loss in the waist, I go on! (Translated by Google Translator)


Super place, great gym equipment, staff very friendly, I can only recommend. (Translated by Google Translator)


Super pleasant place to exercise and relax. I recommend :) (Translated by Google Translator)


Stress, work at night, exams, and work to do… well, I worked up to overweight 30kg. I didn't know how to change my lifestyle to stop weight gain and lose weight. In the course they set up my diet, advised on exercising and adjusting what and how to change. And it worked wonderfully. I lost 20kg, I'm very happy. Come too, maybe I'll see you here


Great idea for mothers after giving birth. I enrolled right after the puerperium to lose excess pounds after delivery. My menu was tailored to my needs, I go to exercise and I look better than before pregnancy


Thank you for your opinion


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