Effective workout in FITNESS CLUB

The fully air-conditioned gym is equipped with quality Technogym machines. These machines meet demanding criteria, which are put on the biomechanics of movement and design during exercise in fitness. You can comfortably and easily set up fitness machines for effective, health-friendly and maximum-strength training. Beginners will also appreciate machine exercises in our gym as they are technically less demanding and thus minimize the possibility of injury. All fitness machines, including exercise equipment, found in our fitness center will satisfy the demands of all ages. Weight training on machines can be complemented by exercise with your own weight. In the strength zone of the fitness center you will find dumbbells, free weights and various types of benches.

Why exercise in "fitko Václavák" in Prague?

  • pleasant club fitness
  • great treainers are always happy to help
  • nice staff
  • new fitness equipment
  • new functional zone

Cardio zone

The gym also includes a cardio zone with new treadmills, exercise bikes, stairs and a rowing machine. For treadmills, you can choose different track profile settings, as well as their difficulty, and you can control your heart rate all the time, an important indicator of training efficiency. They also have the ability to connect a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth and allow you to use applications that let you run on real tracks anywhere in the world. The treadmill will support your metabolism, help increase fitness, strengthen and shape the muscles of the whole body, as walking or light running is one of the most natural ways of movement. The rowing machine will effectively burn your calories, improve fitness and strengthen all muscles.

Alternative exercise equipment in the Functional Zone

Our goal is to follow trends in the areas of leisure and healthy lifestyle, so in our fitness center you will find many modern exercise equipment (TRX, Flowin, Bosu, cylinders, balancing aids, plyo boxes, bags, medicinbaly, kettlebelly and others).

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Super place, great gym equipment, staff very friendly, I can only recommend. (Translated by Google Translator)


Super pleasant place to exercise and relax. I recommend :) (Translated by Google Translator)


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