Tasty boxed meals from our Fitness restaurant

We will prepare healthy and tastey food for you at our fitness restaurant. We carefully select quality ingredients and pay the utmost attention in their preparation. We will gladly adapt our meals to suit your dietery requirements, statisfying even the strictest vegitarians and paleo pracitioners. When preparing our meals, we consult with expert nutrionists and doctors. Our aim is to cook healthy, sastifying meals to not only sustain your physcial fitness, but to support your fitness from within.

Our appraoch to cooking:

  • We carefully select quality and nutritious ingredients
  • We do not deep-fry
  • We do not use flour-based thickeners
  • We use salt sparingly, and when we do, we use only high-qaulity sea salt
  • We do not use MSG-based flavourings
  • We do not use artificial flavourings, preservatives, colours,  or other additives

Food prepared in the way should:

  • Fill you up
  • Be a source of essential nutrients (proteins, saccharides, healty fats, vitamines and minerals)
  • Keep you energized all day

"We should eat in a way that improves and maintains the quality of our lives, filling it with health, energy, happiness and comfort"
-executive chef  Lu

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