This popular 30 minutes exercise will not only improve speed and agility, but it will help to lose weight and shape problem areas. It combines strength exercises with cardiovascular training. Very intense exercises are divided into series, into which are interwoven only ten seconds of rest. Tabata is fun because the exercises often change. You can practice pushups, squats, burpees and other more or less known types of exercises.

Why to train Tabata?

  • In the lunchtime break, you can do your exercise (and get healthy lunch from our kitchen)
  • An effective way to lose weight
  • Gets you into shape
  • Quickly strengthens the muscles of the whole body

Main advantages of Tabata

  • takes little time
  • weight loss
  • attaining an excellent level of fitness and strength
  • strengthens the cardiovascular systemt

What to take to Tabata?

  • Sportswear
  • sport shoes
  • Bottle of water (available for purchase at the reception)
  • Towel (available for rent at the reception)

Special offer: 4 weeks Intensive noon course Tabata / Core training focused on:

  • Improving physical fitness condition
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Shapes and tones
  • weight loss

Main Benefits of Intensive Noon Course

  • Takes little time
  • Strengthen important muscle groups
  • Results are boosted with proper nutriotion after working out

What does the Intensive Noon Course contain?

  • 8 Exercise Lessons (2 times a week)
  • small groups
  • guidance of experienced coaches
  • private environment
  • A mirror room to check the correct execution of the exercises
  • Healthy lunch (lunch menu Fitko Václavák)
Zobrazit více
Tabata, 10 entries 1 600 Kč 1 380
10 lessons
with effect
6 months
in any
Tabata on MONDAY, 1 entry 11 places 160
at the chosendate and time
Tabata on WEDNESDAY, 1 entry 11 places 160
at the chosendate and time

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