Flat Belly

Flat Belly classes are composed of special exercises to strengthen the abdomen, the deep stabilizing system and the back. The lesson consists of cardio exercises focused on slimming the abdomen and stomach muscles strengthening, and part of the lesson is dedicated to strengthening the back. The Flat Belly training is the ideal way to lose weight on your abdomen with the end result being a flat, muscular belly and slim waist.

Why practice the Flat Belly class?

The Flat Belly class is a great way to lose belly fat with a fun exercise. This exercise combines weight loss and abdominal strength training exercises resulting in a slim waist and a beautiful flat tummy.

Main Benefits Flat Belly Lesson

  • The only way to get a slim waist and flat tummy quickly
  • Burns fat in the abdomen and waist
  • strengthens not only the abdomen but also the back, thus also relieving any backache caused by the sedentary lifestyle

What to take to the Flat Belly class?

  • Sportswear
  • sport shoes
  • Bottle of water (availble for purchase at the reception)
  • Towel (available for rent at the reception)


Special offer: 4 Weeks Flat Belly Course

Focusing on:

  • Shapes and tones the abdomen
  • Loss of excess fatty cushions
  • Strengthening the muscles of the abdominal and lumbal spine
  • Thorough stretching

What does the Flat Belly Course contain?

  • 8 Exercise Lessons (2 times a week)
  • small groups
  • guidance of experienced lecturers
  • private environment
  • A mirror room to check the correct execution of the exercises
Zobrazit více
Flat belly on THURSDAY with Klára, 1 entry 11 places 160
at the chosendate and time
Flat Belly, 10 entries 1 600 Kč 1 380
10 lessons
with effect
6 months
in any
Flat Belly oh TUESDAY with Klára, 1 entry only 10 places 160
at the chosendate and time

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