Circuit Training

A very popular group exercise knonw for its versatility and high efficiency. Training occurs with a personal coach in a group setting. During the exercise we strengthen and stretch specific parts of the body. The workout includes body-weight exercises and various exercise aids such as TRX, overball, rubber balls, dumbbells and others. The exercises are carried out under the guidance of an experienced trainer, ensuring the correct execution of individual exercises. The structure and variety of exercises changes with every class so that the body is gradually strengthened, physcial fitness is improved and weight is reduced. Training is not focused on building massive muscle mass but to improve flexibility and agility.

Why Practice Circuit Training?

Circuit Training offers a very effective and varied way to exercise and it is carried out under the guidance of an experienced trainer. The type and sequence of exercises changes from lesson to lesson to achieve maximum effect. Circuit training is focused on strengthening muscle mass, shaping the body, reducing fat tissue, and improving overall physical fitness.

Main Benefits of Circuit Workout

  • You will have a solid and slim figure
  • The exercise is always different and fun
  • Suitable for men and women at the same time

What to take to the Circuit Training?

  • Sportswear
  • sport shoes
  • Bottle of water (can be bought at the reception)
  • Towel (can be rented at the reception)

Special offer: 4 week course Circuit training

Focusing on:

  • Shaping and toning
  • Fat burning
  • Strengthening the muscles of the whole body
  • Thorough stretching

What Course Circuit Training Contains?

  • 8 Exercise Lessons (2 times a week)
  • small groups
  • guidance of experienced instructors
  • private environment
  • A mirror room to check the correct execution of the exercises
Zobrazit více
Circuit Training on FRIDAY with Klára K., 1 entry 10 places 160
at the chosendate and time
Circuit Training, 20 entries 3 200 Kč 2 580
20 lessons
with effect
6 months
in any
Circuit Training, 10 entries 1 600 Kč 1 380
10 lessons
with effect
3 months
in any
Circuit Training on MONDAY with Klára K., 1 entry only 9 places 160
at the chosendate and time

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