Body Forming

A complex of exercises aimed at forming a single part or the entire body. Body Forming is a combination of brisk and fun exercises with aerobic features, tightening of problem areas and a pleasant stretching at the end of the class. The goals of the exercises are to strengthen flabby muscle fibers, stretch shortened muscles and reduce excess fat tissue. Body Forming combines exercises with your own body weight and the use of exercise aids. Body Forming is really helpful for weight loss around the hips and thighs . 

Why Exercise Body Forming?

Body Forming helps to shape nice curves, ensure proper posture, lose excess weith and keep your body in
good condition. Throughout, you'll listen to motivating music and train in an interesting way with your

The main benefits of Body Forming:

  • You will achieve a beautiful figure and a great level of fitness
  • Exercise under excellent motivational music
  • You will see the results after the first lesson

What to take with you to the Body Forming exercises?

  • Comfortable sportswear
  • Sport shoes
  • Bottle of water (available for purchase at the reception)
  • Towel (available for rent at the reception)


4-week Body Forming Course
Focusing on:

  • Shaping and toning
  • Weight loss
  • Improved physical condition

What does the Body Forming Course contain?

  • 8 Exercise Lessons (2 times a week)
  • small groups
  • guidance of experienced instructors
  • private environment
  • a mirror room to check the correct execution of the exercises

Zobrazit více
Body Forming, 20 entries 3 200 Kč 2 580
20 lessons
with effect
6 months
in any
Body Forming, 10 entries 1 600 Kč 1 380
10 lessons
with effect
3 months
in any
Body Forming on MONDAY, 1 entry only 10 places 160
at the chosendate and time
Body Forming on WEDNESDAY, 1 entry 11 places 160
at the chosendate and time

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