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How to book a group lesson?

  1. Buy a lesson on e-shop
  2. If you have a 10 or 20 entrances ticket, book a lesson at:
    Email: recepce@fitko-vaclavak.cz
    Phone: +420 224 210 146
    SMS:    +420 725 509 256
  3. If you have a membership with free group lessons: 
    "Buy" lesson on e-shop. In a shopping cart check " I have membership voucher". After logging in, you can book lessons and public wellness. You will get 100% discount.
  4. If you have Multisport Benefit card:
    Send us your name and your card number (below the barcode). We will create an account for you. After logging in, you can book lessons and public wellness.
  5. If you have Acive pass card:
  6. Send us your name and email adress. We will create an account and send you your loggin. After logging in, you can book lessons and public sauna.


 Get in shape with our trainings

We run special trainings on weight loss, pack pain, healthy lifestyle, body building and others. You can train in a small groups or individually with a personal trainer.

Zobrazit více
Group lessons, 20 entries 3 200 Kč 2 580
20 entries
with effect
6 months
in any
Group lessons, 10 entries 1 600 Kč 1 380
10 entries
with effect
3 months
in any

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