Boxed Meal HEALTH

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Perios Price/day Price/total Save
1 day 599 599 -
1 week 
(5 days)
2 700
2 160
2 weeks 
(10 days)
5 100
4 080
1 020
1 month 
(20 days)
9 600
7 680
1 920

Prices are in CZK including VAT.
For each exception from the menu, we charge 30CZK / day.

Boxed Meal HEALTH 

You want to be healthy but you do not have time to prepare your meals? Order our Boxed Meal Health and we'll be happy to help you. The Health Program is suitable for anyone who wants to maintain their weight and promote their health. Our meals contain only high-quality and fresh ingredients, which, thanks to their gentle preparation, will provide adequate energy and appropriate intake of all nutrients. In addition, they taste great and thanks to the size of the portions you will not be hungry.

You will get FREE services with your Boxed Diet Meal for 1month order:

  • initial consultation with a nutrition therapeut
  • initial and controlling body composition  measurements on InBody helping us to set your macros/energy intake properly and monitoring your progress
  • preparation of customized meals according to your macros and energy intake
  • consultations with a nutrition therapeut during the program (personal and e-mail support)
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Boxed Meal HEALTH for 1 month - 20 working days (Mon - Fri): 384,-/day 9 600 Kč 7 680

with effect
1 month
in anyterm
Boxed Meal HEALTH for 2 weeks - 10 working days (Mon - Fri): 408,-/day 5 100 Kč 4 080

with effect
1 month
in anyterm
Boxed Meal HEALTH for 5 working days (Mon - Fri): 432,-/day 2 700 Kč 2 160

with effect
1 month
in anyterm
I want to TEST the Boxed Meal HEALTH for 1 day 599

with effect
14 days
in anyterm

Great, imaginative, varied and I enjoy it. After a week I felt a loss in the waist, I go on! (Translated by Google Translator)


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