Boxed Diet Meal- Prague on Wenceslas Square

Healthy and tasty Boxed Diet Meal in ecological packaging  

Choose from DIET, HEALTH, SPORT programs

At our Fitness Restaurant we prepare healthy and tasty meals that will save you time and help you achieve your desired goals.

We carefully choose only fresh ingredients with adequate amount of nutrients needed to reach your goals.

Our chef cooperates with nutrition specialist during food preparation. Thanks to this fact our food suits individual requirements of our clients.

Our Boxed Diet Meal:

  • is prepared only from fresh and quality ingredients
  • tastes great and looks even better
  • is prepared in the most healthy ways - baked, cooked, dried and stewed
  • we do not use flour during cooking
  • we use only high-quality sea salt, spices and herbs
  • does not contain stabilizers, preservatives or artificial dyes
  • saves you time and money

Our Boxed Diet Meal can help you:

  • lose weight
  • shape the figure
  • eat healthy
  • if you do not have time to prepare your food
  • you do not have time for regular food

You will get FREE services:

  • initial consultation with a nutrition therapeut
  • initial and controlling body composition measurements on InBody helping us to set your macros/energy intake properly and monitoring your progress
  • preparation of customized meals according to your macros and energy intake
  • consultations with a nutrition therapeut during the program (personal and e-mail support)
  • (Trial Week does not include these services)
Zobrazit více

I don't have time to deal with food, so I ordered boxes. I chose a weight loss option. I must admit that the boxes are colorful, tasty and nutritious. I am not hungry and losing 1kg of fat every week, even though I am just takeing boxed meal over a week. Great satisfaction, I recommend. (Translated by Google Translator)


Great idea! Our assistant picks up our boxes every morning. When we arrive at work, breakfast, snack and lunch are already prepared in the fridge. Everything is in ecological packaging, so we save the environment .. And you can apply meal vouchers that suits us very much. (Translated by Google Translator)


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