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Balanced Food Boxes

Balanced meal in eco packaging

In our restaurant we prepare healthy and tasty meals that will save your time and help you feel great. We pay attention to the selection of fresh ingredients, their gentle processing and the content of necessary nutrients. Our great chefs in cooperation with nutrition specialists participate in the preparation of meals. Thanks to this we are able to adapt individual meals to individual requirements and satisfy the needs of everyone who wants to eat healthy, cleanse the organism, get rid of diseases or lose weight.

You'll be surprised at how great it tastes!

  • we use fresh and quality raw materials, preferably in organic quality
  • we prepare meals gently - bake, cook and stew
  • we maintain a nutritional balance
  • we use quality sea salt, spices and herbs
  • we do not use stabilizers, preservatives or artificial colorings

Your goals that match your lifestyle

  • I want to lose weight
  • I need to recover
  • I want to eat healthy

You can pick up your meal boxes for FREE.

Travel? Interrupt at any time free of charge!

You can interrupt the ordered program anytime you need free of charge.

Don't believe? Taste it!

In our restaurant you can have fresh and balanced meal every working day 11-15hod.

Our packaging does not pollute the environment

We pack in bio 100% environmentally degradable packaging. For all packaged meals we use packages made entirely of plant biomass (corn, beets, potatoes, cereals) that are easily degradable.

Zobrazit více

I don't have time to deal with food, so I ordered boxes. I chose a weight loss option. I must admit that the boxes are colorful, tasty and nutritious. I am not hungry and losing 1kg of fat every week, even though I am just takeing boxed meal over a week. Great satisfaction, I recommend. (Translated by Google Translator)


Great idea! Our assistant picks up our boxes every morning. When we arrive at work, breakfast, snack and lunch are already prepared in the fridge. Everything is in ecological packaging, so we save the environment .. And you can apply meal vouchers that suits us very much. (Translated by Google Translator)


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